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About Us

Growing together fairly. That’s our motto, based on our core values. We grow together honestly by working on a safe culture and business operations. Also in which our overall mental and physical health is a priority. This gives us the right basis to actively work on our growth mindset. In this way, together we build a stable, productive and sustainable organization that is resilient and agile for the future.

Inclusivity and diversity

We value inclusivity and diversity.

We have colleagues of all ages. Approximately one in three colleagues is female, which is unique for the manufacturing industry. Colleagues with a distance to society also fully cooperate with us.

The reason why this works so well is because we embrace the fact that we are all unique and count. Differences are experienced as interesting and by entering into a dialogue with each other, we learn to deal with them in a constructive way.


The core values of the Nijhuis Group can be summarised as ‘Growing Honestly Together’. They have also been determined by our colleagues themselves. These values contribute to our growth.

Our team

Curious about how we manage to grow and strengthen our team against the tide without much effort? Get to know our team and our core values.


Without a production hall and tools, there would be no products. Do you want to know which operations we have in-house?


Our company has a long-term vision. Not only do we strive for long-term relationships. We also give substance to product sustainability, recycling and making the building and production more sustainable.


The Nijhuis Group has a rich history dating back to 1845 and 1904! Read on to learn how these companies have held their own over the years and become a leading manufacturing company.


Nijhuis Group has many collaborations with interest groups and schools. This way we always stay up to date and in touch with our environment!