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Hook for leg chain type Banss 240

Our Nijhuis Group leg chains ensure the automatic decoupling of the pigs in the hair removal machine. Whether it’s a Tarzan or a Banss machine. We make all kinds of hooks and sleeves to measure, so that they always fit the customer’s line. This is also the case with this version of the hook for leg chain type Banss 240, made to fit the extra fine chain 4 x 12 mm so that the legs of the pigs can be cleaned. We use a very strong chain, so that the lifespan of the complete leg chain is long. It is possible to buy all parts separately from us, so that it is easy to repair a set. All in all, a sustainable solution!


Nijhuis Group manufactures and sells high-quality remanufactured parts for slaughter machines, such as the Complete Banss 240 Leg Chain. We are specialists in pig hair removal and make different types of parts for pig hair removal with high quality, so that they last a long time. We do this with our many years of Nijhuis Slachttechniek knowledge. Large and small slaughterhouses all over the world are among our customers. They choose our products because of the exclusive quality, customization, service and longevity of the parts. In this way, our customers opt for productivity and sustainability. We guard our quality with great care. Local suppliers supply raw materials with food safety and REACH certificates. In addition, our suppliers are all locally based. In this way, our sustainable quality products contribute to the prevention of disruptions in the slaughter process. It also reduces the total cost of slaughter in the pig hair removal chain.

We also retain the customers we have. They choose our products to first of all properly set up the basics in the hair removal process. After all, slaughterhouses are slaughtering more and more pigs with the same slaughter line. As a result, the parts in the hair removal machine have to endure more and more. Optimal hair removal of the pigs is essential in the slaughter process. If a pig is not properly cleaned, the slaughter line is stopped. The quality and durability of the spare parts is therefore becoming increasingly important.

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240 mm, 4 x 12 mm

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10 pcs.

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