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Scraper block Nijhuis XL M14/62 is suitable for star wheels with holes around M14 and a center distance of 62 mm. Due to the extremely long lifespan of at least 1 million to 4 million pigs and a clear origin of the materials, this is the most sustainable product at the moment.


Our Nijhuis Group rubber scraper blocks are wear-resistant and resistant to animal fat, urine and disinfectants. The scrapers are made of extra strong galvanized steel. As a result, they remain sharp and do their job for a long time. The scratching blocks have a specific structure and consist entirely of nylon layers that are inlaid in natural rubber. Due to the specific density of the natural rubber, the product remains flexible and has a strong structure. The hair removal scrapers therefore have a much longer lifespan than others. In combination with our special mounting set, you therefore have an optimal cost-saving overhaul set in your hands.


Nijhuis Group makes and sells high-quality overhaul parts for slaughter machines, such as scratching blocks. We are specialist in pig hair removal and make different kinds of parts for pig hair removal with high quality so that they last for a long time. We do this with our many years of Nijhuis slaughter technology knowledge. Large and small slaughterhouses all over the world belong to our clientele. They choose our products because of the exclusive quality, customization, service and the long life of the parts. With this, our customers opt for productivity and sustainability. We monitor our quality with great care. Raw materials are supplied with food safety and REACH certificates. In addition, our suppliers are all locally based. Our sustainable quality products thus contribute to the prevention of disruptions in the slaughter process. The total slaughter costs in the pig hair removal chain are also reduced.

We also keep the customers we have. They choose our products first of all to properly set up the basis in the hair removal process. Slaughterhouses are slaughtering more and more pigs with the same slaughter line. As a result, the parts in the hair removal machine have to endure more and more. Optimal hair removal of the pigs is essential in the slaughtering process. If a pig is not properly clean, the slaughter line is shut down. The quality and durability of the spare parts is therefore becoming increasingly important.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 51.5 × 2.74 × 1.1 cm

235 x 104 x 40 mm, Bolts M14, HOH 62 mm

Article code



>1 million – 4 million pigs


Black, Natural rubber block, Nylon inserts, Electrolytically galvanized steelwork, 3 pcs back plates, 3 pcs C45 scrapers, 2 pcs mounting bushes, 6 pcs solid rivets Ø 10 mm

Packing unit

10 pieces, Box 515 x 274 x 110 mm, 15 kg


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