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Scrapers-hog paddles


What parts ensure the best pig dehairing? So, how do you always get the machine parts delivered on time, and how can you blindly trust the quality? The main task for slaughterhouses is that the slaughter line runs without interruptions. We therefore produce and supply just-in-time custom parts for pig dehairing.


Nijhuis Group manufactures and sells various revision parts for slaughtering machines. We are specialists in pig dehairing and make various types of high-quality parts for pig dehairing that last a long time. We do this with our years of Nijhuis Slaughter Technology knowledge.

Scrapers-hog paddles

Our products are wear-resistant and resistant to animal fat, urine and disinfectants. The scrapers are made of extra strong galvanized steel. As a result, they stay sharp and do their job for a long time.